New Album Reaching Higher is Here!

Reaching Higher is my latest music album but more importantly it represents my growth as an artist, husband, father and as a man. It’s been 5 years since I released a music album. Since then I’ve past the time being present with my wife and children, staying engaged in community, and continuing my full time work as the Creative Director at Elementz.  My personal time is limited but I’ve still made time for artistic expression which has continued to help me cope with all of my affairs.

On my 1st two music projects The Professor and the Mutant (2004) and Journey: The Sound of Life (2012) I only shared my talents as a music producer.  However on this album I’ve taken the time to write and record lyrics to instrumentals that I’ve produced over the years. Once I started to record a few songs and enjoyed hearing how they came out I started to ask myself what took me so long as I noticed how natural lyrics came to me.  I felt relieved to tell my story in a way that I couldn’t with instrumentals or by having other artists write to my tracks. I also know that going through the experience of seeing childbirth firsthand and raising a family has brought me new found inspiration to create, share and uplift.  

This album is dedicated to my wife Nazeerah, and our beautiful children Maryam, Muhammad, Ayah, and Rayyane.  It is dedicated to my mother, my father, my grandma Jean Jones, and all of my family – The Powell’s, The Watkin’s, The Willis’, The Mitchells’, The Abdullah’s – I love you all.  Thank you to my teachers, mentors and close friends who have been there along the way. Thanks to big bro Infinit for the encouragement and everything you’ve taught me about hip hop and expression! Much appreciation to Rashad for the advice and inspiring words on Master Plan!  Thanks to Ill Poetic for the design work and for staying connected over the years! Thanks to everyone from Elementz and Salaam Community.  To everyone listed above – you are all in my thoughts and prayers. To The Most High we give Him Praise 🙏🏾

Listen to the entire album below.  You can purchase a download of the album via PayPal or credit card at the bottom of page.  Show some love and leave me a comment!

Copyright 2018 All Rights Reserved

Reaching Higher Album Download

Upon payment you will be sent a link to download your copy of Reaching Higher




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