All I Need is You Music Video

Excited to share my first-ever music video for my song entitled All I Need is You.   I wrote this song for my wife as a small way to show thanks to her for being the exceptional wife, mother and soulmate that she is.  We recently celebrated 10 years of marriage!

Although this is one of the last songs on my album Reaching Higher it is the first song that I actually wrote for the album.  It also happens to be one of my favorite songs! Special thanks to my in-laws Yusuf Abdullah and Jumaana Abdullah for helping us shoot the video!

All I Need is You (Lyrics)
Written by Abdullah Powell

Thankful to God For all these years
Can’t believe the time I’ve been lost with my wife here
Lost my hair inherited a full beard
Lookin in the mirror sometimes I feel weird
But that’s life constant change
Things get rearranged but some things stay the same
Like my love for you girl it still remains
Look at these beautiful seeds we get to raise
We giving praise

Chorus 2x
All I really need is you
We can be together for a lifetime
All I really need is you
I’m so fortunate so proud to say

Post Chorus 2x
Look at these beautiful seeds we get raise
To The Most High we giving praise