For My Father Music Video!

Excited to release my music video for the song “For My Father” which is from my new album entitled Reaching Higher.

I wrote this song for my father who is known for his background as a musician and producer.  When I think of my father I definitely think about his artistic background but I mostly think about the effort that he put in with me to be the best that I could be though the game of basketball.  He saw something in me that I couldn’t see and he put in the time to help me see my own potential.

As a youth who spent a number of years in the Catholic school system my father would take me completely out of my comfort zone and put me in urban environments that would help me to have a better sense of self and pride in my own heritage.  I benefited from a number of important male figures (Mr. Green, Kevin Whitlow, Johnny Clark to name a few) who were my coaches, trainers and the fathers of my teammates all of whom I would never had met if it were not for my father striving to make things happen for me.

I sat the bench a lot as a junior high student and 9th grader but rose to starting and contributing more to our teams all of my sophomore year and most of my Junior and Senior years.  My high school b-ball days were far from perfect but ultimately I know that if I have the ambition for something with the will of God I can achieve it.  I was able to witness first hand me that with hard work, consistency and a helping hand I can reach my goals.  I can say a lot more but I’m going to let the song talk.  “Training everyday, I was at my best/ That’s the reason why, I have confidence.” -AP

Watch the video above and read the lyrics below!

Love, peace and appreciation to my father Chris Powell.
Special thanks to my wife for helping me shoot the video!

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For My Father Lyrics ©
Written by Abdullah Powell

Wish I could go back
shoot some hoops with dad
Man I used to hate it
but it made me who I am
Early teenage years
pushed me to be a man
Took me all this time
now I understand
Jump soles on my feet
running up the street
School played me on time
Pops made me my own team
Training everyday
I was at my best
That’s the reason why
I have confidence….know what I’m talking bout….

Chorus 4x
This is my song
For my father

Post Chorus 2x
Just let the music play
Hundreds of shots a day
Working real hard
Ain’t gone sit the bench no more

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