HipART: Rites of Passage featuring AP

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Elementz has an upcoming concert on Thursday September 19th that I’ll be performing in called HipART: Rites of Passage.  The venue for the performance is in Cincinnati at the Woodward Theater.  My set will include a few songs off my recent album Reaching Higher but I also will be performing a few new songs that I’m excited to premier.  One of them is called Wiz Kid which is about my level of excellence as a gamer over the years.
Here are some of the lyrics….
I was born in 1983, a wiz Kid, 
It all came to me very naturally,
Used to bless the NES, one of the best,
Mega Man, Mario, and Simons Quest,
Robocop, Double Dragon, Ninja Gaiden,
Never Figured out how to Punch Out Mike Tyson
I’ve got a lot more to say but I’ll save that for the show.  Aside from my set you’ll be able to experience other performances of conscious hip hop music, poetry, and street dance featuring different generations of Elementz artists. Most of these performances will explore themes of personal growth, adulting and continuing to pursue dreams at every stage of life.  This event is family friendly so we hope to see a variety of adults and youth in the attendance!
HipArt features the following Elementz artists Noah Hawes, Spirit, DJ Apryl Reign, Stallitix, Jamie-Lee Morris, Image of Dance, CA^2, Nitty Morris, Heroes Rise Street Dance Experience, and Elementz Creative Director Abdullah Powell.
Also it would mean a lot if you purchase your tickets now! Seeing early ticket sales are encouraging for me and our small team!
Put in the coupon code THRIVE50 to purchase your tickets for only 5 dollars. Here is the link to purchase tickets https://www.cincyticket.com/orderticketsarea.asp?p=7866&a=924&src=eventperformances&fbclid=IwAR35N-ZA_VIadEA0_-pVBwxoQfIRioT7W_HOBfB4v-sESReBCL9g8CBpISc