Performing for my Grandma & Family at HipART

I recently performed a 15 minute set of music alongside a number of very talented artists  from Elementz during an event we produced called HipART: Rites of Passage.  This was particularly a very special and emotional performance for me because several very important relatives came out to show support.  I was sooo grateful to have had my Grandmother Jean Jones in attendance.  She is in her 90’s and I had hoped to have such an opportunity to perform the song that I wrote for her called Mrs. Jones from my album Reaching Higher (song lyrics at bottom).  While performing this song and several other songs that related to my relatives that helped to raise me you can hear the emotion in my voice as their presence that night meant so much and the words that I wrote on these songs were directly written for them.  I can try to explain how important this evening was but I’ll use the expression “If you know then you know.” The people that are in these images and the people that I thanked all mean the world to me.

I also was very happy to see that many of the artists that performed during the evening had relatives and close friends in attendance to support them in their growth.  These were the ways that I was measuring the success of the evening as the event was called “Rites of Passage.”  Whats a celebration without family?

The video at the top is a little something that I edited which features me performing Mrs. Jones and one of my newer songs “A New Challenge.”

Special thanks to Brandon Hill for capturing video, photos, and audio from our entire performance.  Watch video from the entire performance produced by Ahshea Media here  

Mrs. Jones Lyrics
Written by Abdullah Powell

Verse 1
Dear Mrs. Jones I appreciate you
And that’s truly an understatement
And that feeling is mutually felt
I always knew from your mural painting
A special bond from the Lord Most High
Thinking about it makes me teary eyed
Your my favorite person on this earth
Grandma I aint gonna lie
You taught me about love and stability
How to smile and keep going through adversities
When life brings me down I come and visit you
And when I leave to go back I feel renewed
Gran, your always in my heart
You make the most beautiful art
I can’t believe we came this far
We made you a great Grandma
I always prayed that you’d meet my kids
So they could have your homemade biscuits

Mrs. Jones
We got a thing going on
Mrs. Jones

Verse 2
School days I wouldn’t mind being sick
Cause Ma would take me over Gran’s and she’d babysit
Chillin in your living room watching cartoons,
You’d hook me up grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup
I have a routine everytime I come and visit
Give you a hug and then it’s time to hit the kitchen
Apple pies smellin great love your pound cake
Nothin was store bought it was always homemade
And that’s the reason why I have certain taste
Cause eating out can’t compare to Grandma’s hot plates
And there’s love in the food that you cook
the type of love that you’d never get out of a cook book
Your such a blessing to the whole family
And now the eldest living in our family tree
I pray for peace all the way to the end
I pray to be in paradise with all of our kin
I pray our best days still lie ahead
Gran I love you and that’s enough said

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