Here is my latest song and music video called RELAX. I wrote this song as a reminder to myself to slow down and to not over stress about life.

At the end of the video I announce that I am finishing up a new album entitled “Relax.” Stay tuned for more news about the release date of my album! Special thanks to my wife and my eldest daughter Maryam who helped me film this video.



Take your time and Relax

Let it go just relax

When Your moving too fast

Slow down just relax


Pressure on your shoulder Can feel a boulder 

It get’s heavier especially when your older

Gotta learn chill can’t always be a soldier

When stakes get Higher better keep your composure

Calculate every step before your actions 

But remember God already knows what’s gonna happen

From the least to the greatest of transactions

So try not to be stressing but relax and

Know that we all gone die at some point in time

Take it all in stride and keep your spirits high

And when you need to cry don’t keep it bottled inside 

It’s a sign that your wise if you can swallow your pride 

And these are real words

Made dua then I wrote this in the last 3rd 

Of the night I can hear the birds chirp

Alhamdulillah it’s time to pray Fajr


Relax Written by Abdullah Powell

Music Composition, Production & Song engineering by Abdullah Powell

Abdullah Powell Productions LLC ©2020