No Distractions is a song that I wrote this past summer of 2020. I remember thinking about all of news that was headlining at the time. George Floyd’s death, the protesting that was happening across the country in my on my own city, all the energy that was in the air around the presidential election and of course the news surrounding Covid. I felt like it was all so disturbing along with all of the random video’s and postings that you might see on social media. No distractions was my personal response to self as a reminder that most of this is out of your control so focus on what you can control and don’t get distracted.

On the song I say that “this is survival of the fittest.” There are a number of songs that use this line (probably most notably Mobb Deep) but I felt like these words were so true with all the trials that are upon all of humanity right now and the mental anguish that we are going through in 2020. We all have to do our best to take care of ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually to survive these times.

I produced the beat for this song using my go to production software called REASON this summer as well. The drums were chopped up from a James Brown track and once I mapped them out on my drum pads I was able to play out my own drum pattern. I came up with the chords and the bassline using sounds from Native Instruments.