The abdullah Powell family channel

If you are a parent I’m sure you have thought about letting your kids start a youtube channel since most children are consuming so much youtube these days.  I have sat and watched a number of family videos from youtube with our children and this channel is sort of my reaction to what I’ve seen.  I figure my children need to see that they can produce content as well and not just be consumers of everything that is being produced.  I want my children to realized their gifts and talents so this channel is a way for me as a parent to push them to be creative.  I am really trying to approach this channel thing with the idea that our children will have to learn to shoot video/photos, edit clips, compose music, and come up with creative content. I’m going to help them but I want for this to be an educational and artistic experience.  Subscribe to the channel so you can follow our efforts!

The Abdullah Powell Family Channel (Click Here to Visit the Channel and Subscribe).  


In launching the channel we also uploaded our first video called the Abdullah Powell Kids Variety show. In this first episode our daughters Maryam and Ayah pretend that they have a restaurant with our son Muhammad as the customer. Later on in the video Muhammad and Maryam present short videos that they edited their selves and added voiceovers.  Watch the video and click like to help more of the world have a chance to view it.