Brandon Abdullah Powell is a music and multimedia artist and producer from Columbus, Ohio. Abdullah is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati with a B.A. in Electronic Media and since college he has spent over a decade working in the inner city of Cincinnati with youth at a non profit hip hop arts center called Elementz. Abdullah currently serves as the Creative Director of Elementz and through his efforts he has been recognized as a leader and as one of the people making an impact on Cincinnati arts.

His artistic influence started at an early age through his family. His father, Chris Powell, has an extensive background in the music industry having worked with a variety of nationally renowned musicians. Abdullah’s grandmother, Jean Jones, and Aunt Terry Logan, are visual artists while Abdullah’s mother has always sang in church choirs and been a fan of classic R&B music.

Abdullah started to pursue his own artistic talents within the world of music and media as a college student. Since then he has produced a variety of music and video projects many of which bring audiences into the realm of inner city life and urban perspective.  In his latest album entitled Reaching Higher Abdullah continues to showcase his abilities as a music producer and for the 1st time as a songwriter. The album shows his maturity as an artist and pays homage to many of those who have been influential in his life.

His other notable music works are a hip hop album that he produced with recording artist Infinit Evol entitled, The Professor & The Mutant, which gives perspective on what real hip hop is, and the urban environments that hip hop emerged from. In 2012 Abdullah also released his first instrumental album entitled, Journey: The Sound of Life.  In a detailed news article by the Cincinnati CityBeat called “Pastime Paradise” Abdullah talks in detail about his artictic heritage, his instrumental album and how his music represents a part of his continuation or JOURNEY through different phases of life.

Abdullah’s talent in video can be seen through the documentary that he directed in 2014 entitled The Spirit of Tafari. 9 Month’s in the making The Spirit of Tafari tells the story of a young rap artist named Tafari McDade who wandered into Elementz during his teenage years, a decision that changed the direction of his life. Along the way, the documentary shows the adults who gave him a helping hand, including his Mom, his sisters, the Elementz staff and quite unexpectedly, Holocaust survivor Werner Coppel.

Abdullah is a Muslim who embraced Islam in 2005. He currently uses his own conversion experience to serve the needs of others who are new to Islam and those who are re-embracing their faith in Cincinnati through a non profit called the Salaam Community (SC). Abdullah is the currently finishing his term as the President of the Board of Salaam Community and he also is considered a co-founder of the organization.

When Abdullah isn’t engaged in his art and community work he often spends time with his wife, children & extended family.  He enjoy’s playing basketball, making beats, playing classic video games, blogging about his personal journey, and reciting the Qur’an.  Over the course of his life Abdullah intends to become more of a leader in serving the community using the gifts, relationships and resources that he has been blessed with.