A New Challenge

I am proud to present my latest music album entitled A New Challenge.  Released in January 2020, this album is mostly about the idea that new challenges and even unfortunate situations that will continue to occur along the journey of life.  From my observations we have little control over many of the challenges that will happen to us but we can choose to have an attitude that is hopeful and sees each challenge as a means of opportunity for growth.

More About the Album

The first 7 songs on the album are what are considered to be Side A and these are mostly songs that I both wrote lyrics for and produced.  Side A songs are about my upbringing, my extraordinary talents in video games, commentary on how fast time seems to be moving, reflections on missing close friends that I grew up with and a final song where I’m imagining a spiritual journey that leads to escaping the struggles of this reality and being in a better place with our loved ones from all generations.

The final 6 songs on the album represent Side B.  Side B is a little more upbeat and experimental.  The first track entitled “Thankful to Have You” features a reggae style track with my 7 year old daughter improvising vocals and a disco style track that might remind you of skating which features the talented vocalist Devonte.  There is also a very enjoyable funk/disco track called “Keep Going” which I love to exercise to, an instrumental of one of the songs from Side A and I conclude the album with a short freestyle.

The album artwork was designed by longtime friend and multitalented artist Ill Poetic.  The front cover photo was taken by my wife in Hocking Hills, Ohio close to Old Man’s Cave.  This album is available to listen to and purchase here on my website through Bandcamp, Spotify and iTunes.