Your Brother has a New Website!

Peace and welcome to my new website! I am grateful to you for making the time to to be here.  

Being in my mid 30’s and raising 4 children is hectic.  I’ve never had to manage so much before but I must say that being in the middle of everything has truly provided me with inspiration.  Its a struggle some days but Lord willing I will step up and with the help of family and community it will all come together.  I have a lot of exciting things happening with my artistry, community work and most importantly with my family.  My hope is that will be a place where I can share some of that inspiration from my life work as it unfolds. 

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time customizing this site on my own and feel proud to be able to launch it along with my new album Reaching Higher.   I hope that you will find some benefit from what I share and once again thank you for your support.  

– AP

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